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Inspirations Monika

# Pack : Alcoholidays

Publié par eartsupbordeaux sur 15 Septembre 2011, 10:30am

Inspired by Boardwalk Empire, The prohibition and the city of Hammonton it self, 1 Trick Pony sent created a Booze package, wrapped in a 6 page "newspaper" that they have created. More after the jump!

"The Alcoholidays is our agency's yearly holiday promotion where we creatively package booze and send it out to our clients. We're located in Hammonton, NJ, which is the home of the author of HBO Boardwalk Empire. Several of our clients mentioned seeing a sign for "Hammonton" in different episodes, so we thought it's be great to do a prohibition inspired them to this year's mailing. We purchased a variety of bottles of booze ($4200 in total) and created a 6-page period newspaper that wrapped each of the bottles." 

Designed by One Trick Pony , Hammonton, NJ


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